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YVC Dental

The Importance of Dental Care for Animals in Yarmouth

Proper dental care for animals is essential, but sadly, it’s the most overlooked service by vets. As a result, by age 2, 95% of pets develop periodontal disease, which is easily prevented with regular cleanings. Our veterinarian here at Yarmouth Veterinary Center believes in proper dental care, so it has become the core of our practice. Here's why.

dog with toothbrush

The Importance of Dental Care for Animals in Yarmouth

The mouth is the entry point to the rest of your pet’s body, including all the internal organs. Not only does a regular oral exam help our vet determine if the pet has dental issues, it's also a gateway for more serious problems that can develop from poor dental health.

Wellness Exam Oral Check

As believers in preventive care, our Yarmouth veterinarian, also serving Cumberland, Brunswick, Portland, Falmouth, Freeport, and Pownal, encourages all pet owners to schedule a yearly wellness exam. One part of this exam is a brief visual check of your pet’s overall oral health. This inspection gives the vet an idea as to the amount of dental work your pet may then need.

Regular Oral Health Exam and Cleaning

Approximately once every year, pets need a complete dental examination and cleaning. In order to keep your pet comfortable and safe while we do the necessary work, they need anesthesia. Some owners are concerned about putting their pets under, but we assure you that the product we use has been thoroughly tested and is the safest available today. During the exam and cleaning, we remove any plaque and tartar that has built up on the teeth, including under the gums. If there are any loose or otherwise damaged teeth, we will remove those. We may also take x-rays, depending on the pet’s oral condition.

Signs of Dental Problems

If your pet has a dental problem between cleanings and oral exams, there are definite symptoms. Bad breath is the first indication that there is a dental problem. This can signal anything from a cavity to severe abscess. You may also notice blood around your pet’s mouth, reluctance to eat or chew, and overall lethargy. If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s important to make an appointment to come in as soon as possible.

Home Dental Care

Proper dental care doesn’t stop with your pet’s yearly oral health exams. Your role is just as important, including daily brushings and use of oral rinses for cats and dogs. We’ll be happy to instruct you on just how to brush as well as what rinses, dental chew toys and foods best promote your pet’s oral health.

Proper dental care for animals is a mainstay of the practice here at Yarmouth Veterinary Center. We realize that your pet’s oral health is a vital part of their overall health. Although we have the capability to treat complex dental problems, our focus is on the basics: superlative dental cleaning and oral exams. Call us at (207) 846-6515 we’d love to tell you more!

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