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We recommend routine dental care for dogs that parallels routine dental care for people: daily flossing and brushing, and yearly professional cleaning.

Brushing your dog's teeth daily can be a difficult-to-accomplish task. Dogs can generate excellent brushing activity by chewing vigorously on something for at least a few minutes each day, and providing something for them to chew on daily is much easier than brushing. 

The toy or treat must be the right size and texture that your dog will chew for a least a few minutes; if he takes one bite and swallows then the treat was too small. The treat must not be so hard that teeth might break when your dog bites down (real bones are never a good option). 

ORAVET CHEWS are the first and only high-tech dog chew treat. The chew part of the treat is engineered to produce the ideal chewing action for breaking down existing tartar and plaque. This is combined with a unique medicine, delmopinol, in another part of the treat. Delmopinol is released from the treat as the dog chews. It coats the teeth, tongue and gums, creating a barrier that prevents the attachment of the bacteria that cause bad breath and form the basis for plaque. 

Oravet Chews are available in three different sizes, and by choosing the correct size you will provide your dog with the proper amount of chewing action and delmopinol. The dose is one chew per day.

RAWHIDE CHEWS AND SIMILAR CHEWS  Rawhide has a great texture for generating the chewing action that cleans teeth. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and it is important to find a size and shape that the patient will chew for at least a few minutes before swallowing. 

Our YVC Chews are processed rawhide that are impregnated with a dentifrice, adding extra benefit to the chewing action.

We do not recommend substituting pigs ears, hooves, bully sticks, or other body parts for processed rawhide. Studies of random samples of these non-rawhide items have demonstrated more than 50% of them are contaminated with Salmonella and other potentially harmful bacteria.

SCIENCE DIET DENTAL TREATS  The leader in pet nutrition designed these treats to produce proper chewing action and provide good nutrition as well.

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