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What to Expect at Your Pet’s Oral Examination in Yarmouth

When you visit our veterinarians in Yarmouth to help improve your pet's health and well-being, we may recommend pet dental care. Our vets at the Yarmouth Veterinary Center recognize the potential risks associated with dental health concerns and check for problems before it results in serious complications.

dog holding toothbrush in mouth in Yarmouth

Reasons for Pet Dental Care

The primary reasons to consider pet dental care depend on your specific goals and concerns. An oral examination focuses on identifying potential risks to your pets based on their oral hygiene and specific needs.

The reasons to consider an exam include:

  • Removing plaque from a pet's teeth

  • Catching gum disease at an early stage

  • Treating complications with a pet's health

  • Reducing bad breath caused by bacteria in the mouth

  • Keeping your pet healthy throughout his or her lifetime

Gum disease impacts a large number of pets and may contribute to certain health conditions when left untreated. At our clinic, we evaluate the risks to a pet's health and recommend cleaning and treatments based on the needs of your pet.

Why Consider Cleanings for a Pet?

Cleanings differ from an oral exam because it actively removes the plaque and focuses on improving your pet's oral hygiene. At our clinic, we recommend cleanings whenever a pet shows signs of gum disease or has plaque build up. We also suggest regular cleanings on an annual or bi-annual basis after the exam to ensure a pet's mouth and teeth remain healthy.

During the process, we identify potential complications and health concerns that may arise. For example, we may notice cavities or other problems that contribute to a pet's discomfort and pain. The cleanings allow us to see your pet's teeth and gums clearly while also reducing the risk of long-term complications associated with gum disease.

At Home Pet Dental Care in Yarmouth

Although our Yarmouth veterinarian provides pet dental care based on your pet's needs and health, we recommend regular cleaning and brushing to keep a pet's teeth and gums healthy. The solutions you can use at home depend on the size and breed of your pet, but certain factors remain similar between pets and breeds.

Solutions to help a dog or cat maintain good oral hygiene include:

  • Using specially designed toothbrushes and toothpaste for a pet's teeth

  • Massage a pet's gums

  • Provide appropriate nutrition by discussing food options with a vet

  • Give a pet tartar control treats, but only in a moderate amount

  • Encourage pets to chew on bones

When brushing a pet's teeth, use appropriate pet toothpaste. Never use the fluoride toothpaste since the chemical may harm a pet when ingested or swallowed. Only give a pet treats occasionally to help reduce tartar without complicated a pet's diet or taking the risk of ignoring a pet's oral hygiene.

A pet oral exam is a simple process to check and clean a pet's teeth. To learn more about ways to keep a pet's teeth healthy, contact us today at (207) 846-6515.

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