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Parasite Prevention with our Yarmouth Veterinarian

Pets get to spend more time outside when the weather is warm, but this also means that they have a higher risk of ending up with parasite problems. Fleas, ticks and other parasites make their presence known in the Yarmouth area, especially during spring and summer. Learn more about the kinds of parasites that cause problems and how to keep your pets safe from them. 

Dog with fleas and parasites

Importance of Flea and Tick Prevention for Pets

Fleas might seem like little more than a nuisance for pets, but they can cause big health problems. These small bugs can trigger allergic reactions in dogs and cats with allergies, which leads to skin problems that cause excessive itching. Pets might end up with hair loss, hot spots, skin infections and other health issues from flea bites. Ticks can also cause severe health problems for pets. These bugs feed on blood from pets, which put them at risk of spreading Lyme disease and other infectious conditions. Flea and tick prevention help lower these risks, which helps pets stay in good health. 

Types of Parasite Prevention

There are different kinds of parasite prevention available for pet owners in the Yarmouth area. These include topical treatments for fleas, oral medications and flea collars. Topical treatments are ones that are applied right onto the skin, usually near the neck, while oral medications are taken by mouth. Oral medications might provide more widespread protection from fleas and ticks, while topical treatments target certain areas. Since these preventative products vary in terms of effectiveness, it is important for pet owners to discuss them with our vet. Some of these products also offer protection from ticks, along with stopping flea infestations. 

Flea Treatment in Yarmouth

What happens if pets are already infested with parasites? Our vet in Yarmouth can provide you with flea treatment to eliminate infestations. This generally involves bathing dogs or cats with a medicated shampoo. You will also need to check your pets often with a flea comb to see if there are any of these bugs left. Since they can live in other parts of your home, vacuuming and cleaning thoroughly is also important. If pets have been bitten by a tick, our vet can run tests for Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases and provide treatment as needed. This can help lower the risk of serious health complications. 

Visit Our Veterinary Team in Yarmouth

If you have pets that need parasite prevention, you can count on our veterinary team in Yarmouth for help. Please contact Yarmouth Veterinary Center today to make an appointment. Our team can ensure that your pets are well-protected from fleas, ticks and other parasites that can cause health problems.

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