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Pet Nutrition from Your Yarmouth Veterinarian

Everyone knows that pets shouldn’t get a lot of human food, but where should you draw the line? What’s okay and what isn’t? These are confusing questions for most pet owners, and the gray area between good nutrition and living the good life can be a wide one. If you feel clueless, you’re not alone, which is why you need a good vet on your side.

Pet Nutrition

Importance of Pet Nutrition

Pet nutrition is very important. Not only does good nutrition keep your pet healthy and happy for a long time, but it will ensure you spend less money overall on your pet’s health. Like humans, pets are subject to dangers such as heart trouble, cancer and obesity when they overeat. That’s why you need the help of a Yarmouth veterinarian to advise you on good nutrition.

It’s important to get the real answers to questions such as which specialized pet food you should feed your animal, what types of human food they are allowed to enjoy, and how much they can have at any one time. Your Yarmouth veterinarian can give you all these answers and more, so don’t hesitate to ask about pet nutrition today.

Why Does It Matter What You Feed Your Animal?

So why does it matter what you feed your animal? Isn’t food just food? Unfortunately, that’s not the case at all. Again, just like humans, animals are finely tuned biological machines. Without the correct inputs, they don’t “run right.” That means plenty of water, plus a complete nutrient package.

As a pet owner, you already know you should be buying specially made food for your pet. Perhaps this is just a balanced dry food, or it might include wet. You may also need to give your pet a specialized food that caters to puppyhood, old age or kidney trouble, for instance. Your vet can advise on all this.

Approved People Foods

Usually, it’s fine to give cats and dogs a bit of people food. Pocket pets such as rats and gerbils can usually have a bit too, and same goes for reptiles, birds and other pets. However, the types of foods that are suitable to each animal differ widely, so it’s best to get a specialist opinion.

Dogs, for instance, benefit from reasonable portions of most types of fruit, but grapes and raisins can damage their internal organs. There is also a popular myth that birds will explode if you give them uncooked rice. This is not true. Birds can be poisoned by common foods such as beans and avocados if you prepare them incorrectly.

Keep in mind that animals have different calorie requirements than humans, which means they need much less food than we do.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Yarmouth Veterinarian Today

Because of the dangers of eating the wrong types of foods, and the importance of feeding your pet a balanced diet appropriate to their species, breed and age, you should always talk to a vet before making any decisions. Our veterinary practice in Yarmouth, also serving Cumberland, Brunswick, Portland, Falmouth, Freeport and Pownal, can help. Our veterinary team will offer you the best possible advice to keep your pet healthy for life, and offers a free first exam. Please call (207) 846-6515 to set yours up today.

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