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Pet Grooming Services from our Yarmouth Veterinarian

Animals like cats and dogs benefit from regular grooming services. At Yarmouth Veterinary Center in Yarmouth, ME, we offer professional grooming services for pets in need. If you’re a pet owner in our area, we encourage you to bring your animal friend in at least once annually.

Pet Grooming

Benefits of Grooming Services in Yarmouth

Many pet owners bathe and groom their pets on their own, however, there are many reasons to get your pet groomed professionally. Some of the benefits of grooming your pet include:

  • Professional groomers know how to identify signs of ticks and fleas.
  • Pets who are older may not be able to adequately clean or groom themselves.
  • Pets with long fur may get hot in summer; grooming your pet can prevent this from happening.

Grooming Services Offered by Yarmouth Veterinary Center

At Yarmouth Veterinary Center, we offer a variety of grooming services including:

  • Fur trimming. We’ll trim your pet’s fur to the desired length. For pets who have very long fur, trimming or shaving done at the end of spring or the beginning of summer can help keep your pet cool.
  • Brushing. Our professional groomers will help brush out excess fur.
  • Nail trimming. We’ll trim your pet’s nails to prevent your pet from scratching up your furniture, wood floors and your skin.
  • Bathing and shampooing. We’ll bathe your pet and shampoo his or her fur. When your pet is dry, the fur will be fluffy and soft!
  • Anal sac expression. Anal sac expression is important for hygiene reasons. This service is also good for your pet’s health if he or she is susceptible to infection of the glands.
  • Ear flushing and cleaning. We’ll flush your pet’s ears to prevent infections and yeast growth.
  • Potty patches. We’ll trim your pet’s fur around the anus to prevent the fur from becoming matted and dirty.

How Often Should You Groom Your Pet

Pets need to be groomed at least once per year. Getting your pet groomed, even if he or she has short hair, can help remove old fur, reduce shedding and can help you catch the existence of skin conditions.

For pets who have a longer, thicker coat, grooming is best done multiple times per year to prevent matting and to help your pet maintain a comfortable temperature. Ask your pet’s professional groomer to find out how often your pet needs to be groomed.

Contact Your Pet’s Veterinarian in Yarmouth

As your pet’s veterinarian in Yarmouth, we know how important it is for the dogs and cats of our community to be professionally groomed from time to time. To ensure that your pet gets the grooming that he or she needs, we provide a range of grooming services for animals with coats of all types. To make an appointment or to find out more about our grooming services, contact us today at (207) 846-6515

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