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Pet Microchipping Yarmouth Veterinary Center

Having a pet go missing is a terrible experience, especially if you have no way of knowing whether your best friend's ID collar tag is still intact and attached to the collar. If theft, natural disaster or the simple urge to wander causes your pet to become separated from you, you want the reassurance of knowing that he's carrying a more permanent form of identification. Our veterinarians at Yarmouth Veterinary Center are happy to offer pet microchipping services.

Pet Microchipping

Why Pet Microchipping Makes Good Sense

Having a RFID (radio frequency identification) microchip inserted beneath your pet's skin is a more crucial form of preventative care that you might realize. Many pet owners assume that a collar ID tag containing the necessary contact information is more than sufficient to ensure a happy reunion -- and ideally, it will achieve just that when someone finds the pet and reads the information. Unfortunately, collar tags are only as robust as the link and collar to which they're attached. Your pet can easily lose his tag during vigorous activity, or a thief might remove it deliberately -- leaving the pet unidentifiable.

A microchip isn't a replacement for a collar tag; instead, think of it as an essential backup measure. If our pet turns up in an animal shelter, vet clinic or other animal care facility, the workers there will automatically scan his body with a RFID scanner to check for a microchip. The microchip responds to the beam and uses the beam's own energy (it has no internal power source) to send out a unique ID number. Since this number is registered with your contact information in a national database, the workers merely have to look up the information and contact you.

A Quick, Easy, Affordable Procedure

Microchipping doesn't require any kind of surgery. The microchip is so tiny that your veterinarian at Yarmouth Veterinary Center can simply inject it through a syringe into a point between your pet's shoulder blades. This makes it much easier, quicker, and more affordable than many owners realize. The microchip's lack of moving parts or internal batteries means that it should easily last for the life of your pet. Best of all, studies have shown that microchipping dramatically improves dogs' and cats' chances of being returned to their owners.

Contact Your Yarmouth Veterinarian to Schedule Microchipping

To learn more about microchipping or to schedule an appointment, call us today at (207) 846-6515.  If you've just adopted a dog or cat from a humane society or rescue organization, why not have this affordable procedure done alongside your free first exam and 50-percent discount for spaying and neutering? Call us today!

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