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Stem Cell Procedure Details

Yarmouth Veterinary Center offers three different stem cell procedures: initial stem cell therapy, retreatment, and banking for future use.

Initial Stem Cell Therapy   Stem cell therapy typically begins with a one-day procedure at YVC. Your pet is admitted to our hospital in the morning. A blood sample is collected, from which we will prepare your pet’s platelet-rich-plasma, an important ingredient in the stem cell therapy.

We then surgically collect a fat sample. This requires a brief general anesthesia, and is quicker and simpler than a routine spay or neuter. While your pet rests comfortably following surgery, we process the sample to harvest the stem cells; this takes a few hours.

Once we have your pet’s stem cells prepared we administer them by intraarticular (in the joint), periarticular (around the joint), and/or intravenous injections. Depending on your pet’s condition and  how the stem cells will be given, we might briefly repeat the general anesthesia, or give a sedative, or just an analgesic.

Your pet is discharged to you later in the afternoon of the same day. If you have chosen to bank stem cells we will ship them to Medivet.

Retreatment   If you have banked stem cells and retreatment is required, we will contact MediVet; they will prepare the dose of stem cells we prescribe and ship them to us. Depending on how the cells will be administered, your pet will have a brief anesthesia, a sedative, or just an analgesic. Your pet will be hospitalized for part of a day.

Harvesting stem cells from a healthy pet, for banking for possible future use   As previously mentioned, the surgical procedure for collecting a fat sample does require general anesthesia, but is brief and simple. This procedure can easily be performed at any time, including along with another procedure that requires general anesthesia, such as a spay, neuter, lump removal, or dentistry. If this procedure is performed by itself, your pet is admitted in the morning and discharged in the afternoon. If it is combined with another procedure, your pet will be admitted and discharged as it would ordinarily be for that other procedure; the fat sample collection does not prolong your pet’s time in the hospital.

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