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PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU NEED HELP with the flea and tick control strategy for your pets. The advice that follows will work for most pets and their owners, but there are so many variables at play with this challenge that we prefer to work with our clients on a case-by-case basis.

YEAR-ROUND FRONTLINE  We believe monthly application of Frontline year-round is the best flea and tick control for dogs and cats. In additon to Frontline, we stock some other flea and tick control products, in order to provide our clients with alternatives to meet their specific desires and needs.

WE RECOMMEND YEAR-ROUND BECAUSE fleas hop on to feed and lay their eggs and then hop off again; they live in the house and yard. When it is cold outside, they live in our warm houses. Ticks are most numerous in Maine in the early Spring - March through May - and late Fall - September through November or December. Uninterrupted control is the best approach.

WE RECOMMEND FRONTLINE BECAUSE it's time-tested combination of safety, effectiveness, and economy is unmatched.

FRONTLINE IS AS EFFECTIVE AS EVER  Reports that Frontline has lost it's effectiveness because fleas and ticks have become resistant to it are simply untrue. There is absolutely no reasonable evidence that Frontline does not work as well as it always has.

"I AM STILL SEEING TICKS EVEN THOUGH I AM USING FRONTLINE"  Ticks have to contact the Frontline to be killed, and they are not killed instantly. (We believe ticks are reliably killed before they have a chance to transmit disease). The more ticks your dog or cat is exposed to, the more likely you are to see some.

- Apply Frontline every 3 weeks instead of monthly.
- Apply Frontline every 3 weeks or monthly, and also apply Frontline Spray to your pet's head and shoulders monthly.
- Switch from Frontline to Certifect. Certifect is Frontline with an added ingredient that makes it kill ticks more quickly. It works very well, but it cannot be used on cats and costs more than Frontline.
- Switch from Frontline to K9 Advantix. K9 Advantix has some repellent activity against ticks; it works fairly well. It can only be used on dogs and costs more than Frontline.
- Scalibor collars look like an old-fashioned flea and tick collar, but they are genuinely effective at tick control (the old-fashioned collars are not). They are waterproof and one collar lasts for six months. Like Certifect and K9 Advantix, they are for use only on dogs and are not safe for cats. Their effectiveness for flea control is questionable, but this problem can be managed by using Frontline and a Scalibor collar at the same time; they are a safe combination.

"I AM STILL SEEING FLEAS EVEN THOUGH I AM USING FRONTLINE"  The same is true for fleas as is true for ticks: fleas have to contact the Frontline in order to be killed. They are killed much more quickly than ticks are, but if your pets are exposed to a large number of fleas you are still going to see some.  

- Apply Frontline every three weeks instead of monthly.
- Use a second flea control product along with Frontline. Our favorites are Comfortis and Trifexis, which are once-monthly oral medications. (Trifexis is monthly heartworm preventive for dogs combined in the same tablet with Comfortis.)
- Program is a once-every-six-month injection for flea control for cats.
- Treat your house for fleas. Siphotrol Area Treatment is a very safe and effective product.
- Be patient. If you do nothing more than apply Frontline monthly to all of your dogs and cats you will eventually get control of a flea infestation. Even in a worst-case scenario, in a heavily infested home with multiple pets an a lot of fleas in the yard, monthly Frontline will eventually beat the problem down to a level you and your pets can tolerate withing three months. After that, continued application of Frontline will result in continued improvement.

GENERIC FRONTLINE IS NOT THE SAME AS THE REAL THING  The patent has run out on fipronil, the insecticide in Frontline, so other manufacturers can obtain a supply and produce flea and tick control products, but the mixture of inert ingredients in which the fipronil in Frontline is mixed is still proprietary.

Based on experience gained from the use of millions and millions of doses of Frontline, we know that it's manufacturer knows how to utilize the fipronil and their inert ingredients in a way the consistently results in a product that meets the highest standards for safety and efficacy. The same cannot be said for the new products.  

AT YVC, WE KEEP AN EYE ON THE INTERNET PHARMACIES  Our clients deserve the best flea and tick control for the best price. We monitor the prices the internet pharmacies charge and make sure that our prices are the same or very similar.

We are helped in this endeavour by the manufacturers of the flea and tick control products we dispense, who provide our clients with monetary incentives and product support that is not available when the same products are purchased from an internet pharmacy.

"ALL-NATURAL" PRODUCTS DO NOT WORK  We admit, we think it would be ideal if there were natural insecticides that worked as well as the synthetic ones. Unfortunately, experience and research has proven there are not. Also, the "natural" products are not completely benign - they are very capable of causing undesirable side effects.

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