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Bring Your Rabbits to Yarmouth Veterinary Center

The other day when I was walking through the woods, I saw a rabbit standing in front of a candle making shadows of people on a tree.  -  Steven Wright


Our Veterinarians Can Keep Your Rabbit Hopping

As common and beloved as cats and dogs are in American life, many people also enjoy the affection and company of smaller pets such as rabbits. If you've decided to bring a bunny into your family, you should know that these animals can be delicate, and like other creatures they have their own particular health and wellness needs and challenges. Fortunately, our experienced veterinarians at Yarmouth Veterinary Center have the skills and training to help you keep your rabbit healthy and happy for years to come.

For an animal that evolved in the great outdoors, the rabbit is an oddly vulnerable creature. Rabbits are often easy prey for larger animals in the wild, and they are strongly affected by extreme temperatures. If you adopt a rabbit, you should make every effort to keep him indoors, away from heat, cold and predators. Even then, it can be difficult to "rabbit-proof" your home so your pet doesn't end up chewing an electrical cord or swallowing a foreign object. The safest option is to give him a spacious, comfortable enclosure to live and play in, letting him out from time to time for some supervised exercise. We can advise you on enclosure types, sizes and bedding for your rabbit.

Rabbits can live quite well on a healthy diet of sufficient food pellets, hay, leafy greens and water. Too much food will make them obese, which in turn causes a variety of other chronic health problems, while too little may cause illnesses such as hepatic lipidosis. Diet is another area in which we can provide professional counseling.

Health and Wellness Care for Rabbits in Yarmouth, Brunswick, Cumberland, Portland, Falmouth, Freeport and Pownal

Your rabbit should have regular wellness examinations just as other pets do. Our animal hospital is happy to provide this service for rabbits in Yarmouth, Brunswick, Cumberland, Portland, Falmouth, Freeport and Pownal. We can examine the ears, eyes, skin and vital signs for any indications of external illness, while also administering lab tests to check for hormonal or systemic disorders. We may also vaccinate your rabbit against rabbit hemorrhagic disease (also known as rabbit calicivirus disease) and myxomatosis, two potentially deadly infections.

If you're aware of rabbits' reputations as rapid and frequent breeders, you may already have plans to spay or neuter your pets. But there are additional wellness advantages to sexual sterilization as well. Spaying or neutering makes your rabbit a more relaxed, less aggressive companion and removes the threat of reproductive cancers, enabling a longer and healthier life.

If your rabbit encounters a health problem, you can rely on our animal hospital for prompt, attentive care. We can perform dental procedures, treat diseases and even perform emergency surgery on your new best friend. we can even advise family members on how to pick up and hold your bunny without causing harm.

Call (207) 846-6515 for an appointment at Yarmouth Veterinary Center. We love rabbits as much as you do!

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