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Quarantine for Rabies Observation

Maine Conditions of Confinement/Isolation:

The following is a list of conditions that must be met during both the 10-day confinement and 
observation period (for a domestic animal that exposes a human or other domestic animal) and 
the 6-month isolation period (for a domestic animal that is not up-to-date on rabies vaccine and 
that itself was exposed by a suspect rabid animal). 

The dog, cat, or ferret: 

1. Must be kept on the owner’s premises in an escape-proof building or enclosure (house, 
garage, etc.) at the responsibility of an adult owner/keeper under the supervision of the 
local ACO, or in an animal shelter or veterinary clinic (ACO must be notified); 

2. May not be allowed to run at large or left outside unsupervised where it may come into 
contact with other animals, as in a fenced yard or on a chain; 

3. Should not be permitted to have contact with other animals or people; 

4. If confined and observed at home, cannot be off the owner’s property unless being 
taken to a veterinary hospital for examination or euthanasia under the control of an 
adult and on a leash or in a carrier. 

5. If the animal shows any changes in health or behavior, it must be examined by a 
veterinarian, who will determine if rabies testing is indicated. 

6. If the animal escapes, notify the local ACO immediately. 

7. Should not be sold, given away, euthanized or otherwise disposed of during the 
confinement or isolation period without prior permission from the ACO. 

8. Should be visually inspected by the ACO at the end of the 10-day confinement period, 
or must be examined by a veterinarian at the end of the 6-month isolation period. 

The duration and conditions of these periods, as stated on the official notices (Appendix C), 
start the day of exposure. See the Rules Governing Rabies Management for more information 
about the conditions of confinement and isolation. Veterinarians or animal owners with 
questions on how to properly manage pets exposed to a skunk, bat, or a suspiciously acting 
carnivore that is unavailable for rabies testing should contact Maine CDC.

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